5 Things That are Always Overlooked in MedSpa Buildouts

Medical spas in South Florida have experienced great success, but there are a few common things that are often overlooked by project owners or franchise developers during construction.

To be successful with a MedSpa construction project, it’s important to pay attention to these often-overlooked areas:

  1. Building code requirements – Medical spas walk the line in terms of building code requirements in Florida. Despite occupying the medical world, MedSpas are not required to adhere to Florida’s AHCA-based code. That said, MedSpas are still required to meet all Florida building code requirements for commercial properties (and then some).

  1. Climate control – The climate control needs of MedSpa franchises are more varied and nuanced than other types of commercial buildings due to the type of treatments performed. For example, laser treatment rooms must strike a delicate balance when it comes to room temperature. Getting the temperature “just right” often proves more challenging than one would think. Learn more about unique HVAC requirements for MedSpas here.

  1. Lighting – Lighting can be one of the trickiest things to get right in any home or business, and the challenges are further compounded in a medical spa environment. Too much light can make a treatment room feel blinding and sterile. Too little light can make it difficult to safely and accurately provide treatments. Read more about lighting for MedSpas here.

  1. Treatment room functionality – Treatment rooms in MedSpas may service everything from facials to laser treatments, and the ambiance and needs of the room will differ depending on the services performed. One way to remain dynamic to client requests is to design your individual treatment rooms in a way that can accommodate multiple treatment options.

  1. Reception area – In a MedSpa, your reception area can set the tone for the entire client experience. It’s important to consider any franchise requirements as well as structural and design features that may require behind-the-scenes work. For example, if you choose to showcase before and after photos of other clients or display monitors or light-supported graphics. These will all require electrical elements to support the design goals.

Medical spa construction projects in South Florida present unique challenges, but at Seacoast Construction, we pride ourselves on rising to the occasion each and every time to achieve on-time, on-budget builds that exceed our clients’ expectations. If this sounds good to you, then get in touch to schedule a free consultation.

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