LED Lighting and Imagery to Show off Before/Afters in MedSpas

Seeing is believing, and nothing can be a more powerful motivator than seeing other clients’ success stories. By showcasing before and after pictures in your medical spa, you can show off the type of transformations clients can achieve through various treatments and procedures in your office. Moreover, you can elevate the presentation of these images by leveraging LED lighting and imagery.

Planning Your Lighting Needs During Construction

There’s no doubt that light-backed displays are effective ways to showcase client transformations, but from a construction standpoint, adequate planning is a must.

Lights mean electricity, and electricity means wires. And all these wires must be corralled so they are out-of-sight, out-of-mind. When thinking about your lighting wish list, be sure to ask yourself some of these questions first.

  • Where do you want your light-backed displays? – Consider the design goals of your MedSpa. As you plan the space, keep in mind both functionality and aesthetics. How will clients flow through your office? Where will staff be stationed? This can be your starting point as you think about the best location for showcasing before and afters.

  • What other tech requirements must you account for? – Also think through how you plan to display the images and what type of monitors, touchscreens or TVs you’ll need to do so. If you think you’ll have other technology requirements for your reception area and treatment rooms, now is also the time to plan for them.

  • What type of lighting do you want? – Directional lighting and dimmable lighting are options to consider if you want flexibility when showcasing before and afters.

To read more about lighting in medical spas and what to consider when building treatments rooms for laser products, check out our other blogs and get in touch with us at Seacoast Construction to ask your questions.



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