What to Consider When Building a Reception Area for MedSpas

In a MedSpa, your reception area can set the tone for the entire client experience. It’s the first point-of-contact for clients, and it should be warm, inviting and exude a sense of luxury and comfort. In terms of design and aesthetic goals, there are several things to keep in mind during the construction process.

Constructing an On-Brand Reception Area

When planning your reception area, you should discuss several important elements with your general contractor. Proper planning during pre-construction will mean fewer change orders during construction and an end result that is completed on time, on budget and in line with your specifications.

  • Is your MedSpa part of a franchise? – If your medical spa is part of a franchise operation, it may need to adhere to certain brand and design guidelines. Your contractor should be up-to-speed on any franchise requirements so they can be incorporated into the design plans.

  • What design features require behind-the-scenes work? – Your reception area may be where you choose to showcase before and after photos of other clients or display monitors or light-supported graphics. These will all require electrical elements to support the design goals. Talk with your GC about your lighting, design and climate needs so they can be accommodated in the plans.

  • What type of structural support do you need to accommodate your design goals? – Additionally, it’s important to consider other design features in your reception area that may require additional structural support. Wood paneling, for example, or a live wall with growing plants can be very heavy.

Considering your options and opportunities during pre-construction can save you time, money and headaches down the road. Talk with an experienced commercial contractor who is local to the Miami area before charging ahead with your plans. They may be able to offer solutions you hadn’t yet considered and find ways to engineer whatever you can dream up.

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