Building Individual Treatment Rooms Catered for Multiple Treatment Options

Medical spas fill a growing niche in South Florida by combining the relaxing and rejuvenating elements of a traditional spa with expanded services that include medical treatments and procedures.

Because of the broad range of services and treatments offered, the facilities themselves must be built to accommodate changing client needs and demands. One way to remain dynamic to client requests is to design your individual treatment rooms in a way that can accommodate multiple treatment options.

One Room. Multiple Opportunities.

Treatment rooms in MedSpas may service everything from facials to laser treatments, and the ambiance and needs of the room will differ depending on the services performed.

Here are two key areas to pay attention to when designing a treatment room that can accommodate multiple treatment procedures.

  1. Lighting – First, lighting must be adequate to perform the services requested. For some procedures, more light will be required. For others, warmer, ambient light may suffice. To that end, it’s important to design a treatment room that offers flexible lighting options.
  1. Climate control – Second, the rooms must be comfortable. Laser procedures may require cooler rooms as the laser produces heat. Other services may warrant a warmer treatment room. Installing zoned climate controls [link to “climate control” blog] gives practitioners the opportunity to adjust temperature controls as needed.

Medical spa construction projects in South Florida require you to consider all the details, and at Seacoast Construction, we’re here to walk you through each and every one. For a partner you can trust, contact us at 786-433-8740.



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