Why You Should Hire a Construction Consultant When Building Out a Franchise Location

Franchise buildouts pose unique challenges for project owners. This might sound counterintuitive at first. You might think, “Shouldn’t franchise construction be the easiest of them all? After all, certain features and specifications are already given to you. Can’t you just replicate them whenever building a new franchise location?”

If only it were so simple.

Managing Construction Costs and Timelines During Franchise Buildouts

Franchise operations thrive when there is consistency across locations. The interiors and exteriors are set up similarly no matter the building, the products and services offered are the same, and customers know exactly what to expect when they walk into any given location. This means there are certain brand and design guidelines that must be adhered to during construction to maintain consistency from location to location.

One of the challenges with franchise buildouts, like most construction projects, however, is meeting these goals without overextending your budget and timeline. After all, every day your franchise is not open is another day of lost revenue.

To achieve your project goals while reducing the stress and burden of managing these aspects on your own, it can be valuable to hire a construction consultant.

What Does a Construction Consultant Do?

A construction consultant is an industry professional with extensive experience in all aspects of construction. When serving in a consultation capacity, their role as a third party is to guide and advise. They partner with other construction professionals on their way to ensuring a smooth and successful buildout for your franchise location.

Construction consultants bring many benefits to a franchise buildout during all phases of construction. Namely, they work to achieve:


  • A project that adheres to established timelines
  • Accurate cost estimate calculations
  • Minimum change orders
  • Zero permitting issues and compliance concerns
  • An on-time, on-budget build

When searching for a construction consultant, first consider your priorities. Then, consider the impact a consultant could have on your timeline and bottom line. And don’t hesitate to ask questions. It’s the best way to find the right professional for your needs and goals.

For more about our consultant services, get in touch with our team at Seacoast Construction. We have more than 20 years of experience managing and building franchise construction projects throughout Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties and are ready to help you with yours.

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