How to Reduce Timeline and Budget Overages During Your Office Renovation

Your expectations going into an office renovation should be that it will be completed on time and on budget, yet the chief complaint heard from a significant portion of project owners is that their buildout experienced timeline and budget overages. So, what gives? Poor planning, mismanagement, and unrealistic expectations often set the course for disaster.

To ensure your office renovation stays on track, here are three areas to prioritize when vetting potential contractors.

3 Keys to Successful Office Renovations

Delays are not and should not be a part of any construction project. The same goes for your budget. Search for experienced and local general contractors to lead your project. You might also consider hiring a construction consultant [link to first blog] or owner’s representative to create further efficiencies and improve the outcomes of your build. Here’s what else to do:

  1. Insist on Pre-construction: While the decisions and planning that take place during pre-construction may not be as glamorous as seeing the build come together, all the hard work and collaboration that takes place during this planning phase of construction is what ultimately sets the project, its timeline and budget up for success. Pre-construction can prevent expensive change orders and a thorough constructability report can identify any potential issues or risks with the design. These all lead to a more efficient build process. Your GC may also suggest ways to speed up the permitting process in South Florida.
  1. Hire for Project Management Expertise: The second thing to do is hire a competent, capable, and experienced team. In doing so, you are far less likely to encounter delays, and the resulting product will be superior. One of your project manager’s primary responsibilities is to diligently track the project to make sure timeline goals are met and any decisions that need to be made mid-project are done so swiftly and in coordination with the owners.
  1. Prioritize open communication: Mistakes happen when there is miscommunication or worse, no communication at all. You simply cannot make assumptions when you’re undertaking a large-scale commercial project. Frequent communication with all stakeholders will minimize any potential confusion and ensure project goals are achieved.

If this sounds good to you, then give us a call at Seacoast Construction. We’re different from the rest, and our clients appreciate us for it.



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