Are Shared Office Work Spaces Still In Demand?

The ways of work are always evolving, and we can feel those trends shifting even in the present moment. A slow and steady push to more flexible work environments seems here to stay.

The Future of Shared Office Spaces in Florida

According to data from CBRE, the future of the flexible office environment continues to look bright.

Among those companies surveyed by CBRE, as many as 94% of tech companies have already used flexible office space in their portfolio and 74% use flexible office suites with shared amenities.

While tech is ahead of other sectors in its use of shared office workspaces, others may follow suit, especially as they test new markets or attempt to reduce costs.

Considerations When Renovating an Office for Shared Use

 If you have plans to build or renovate an office property for shared use in South Florida, there are some key features to keep in mind to make it an in-demand shared space.

  • A flexible environment – Flexibility is the name of the game for coworking spaces. Offering a variety of flexible workspace options that cater to different working styles and preferences will win over tenants. This may include open coworking areas, dedicated desks, private offices, shared conference rooms and communal areas. The flexibility allows members to choose the environment that best suits their needs on any given day.
  • Communal amenities – Larger shared office spaces may take up a whole floor or more, and in that space, it’s wise to include shared amenities like a kitchen, lobby, technology components and integrations, comfortable seating, and wellness amenities. It’s often these amenities that differentiate an office environment and lure workers in who might otherwise feel stuck at home.
  • Sustainable design – Consider sustainability practices in your buildout as well. Including things like energy-efficient lighting and making other sustainable choices with the design will score favorably with your tenants.
  • Aesthetic features – It’s also important to consider your overall design goals, as the finishes are often what make the biggest impression on tenants. Consider the environment you’re trying to create and incorporate design features to get you there.

Shared office spaces that are in demand foster productivity and collaboration and create a sense of community among its members. As you begin conceptualizing a shared office space in South Florida, come talk to us at Seacoast Construction. We’ve completed hundreds of office projects throughout the tri-county area and are ready to help you. To learn more, contact our office to schedule a free consultation.


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