How to Limit the Number of Change Orders For Your Office Buildout

There are two easy steps you can take to reduce the number of change orders you have during your office buildout.


  1. Insist on thorough pre-construction
  2. Work with an experienced project manager


If you do these two things, the likelihood of experiencing numerous change orders on your project becomes greatly reduced. To bring that number down to almost nil, hire an owner’s representative to oversee your office buildout, and go local when hiring your general contracting team.


How Pre-Construction Limits the Number of Change Orders on a Job


The majority of change orders are avoidable with proper planning, and you want to avoid as many as absolutely possible. Why? Because change orders can be expensive, and they almost always impact your timeline – and not for the better.


Pre-construction is a critical step in any commercial project. Important decisions get made, and these decisions can have a major impact on an office renovation’s budget and timeline. Moreover, by working with an owner’s representative during pre-construction, you gain an immediate advantage. Owner’s reps are industry experts whose sole job is to represent you, the owner, and ensure your wishes for the project are carried through. They are adept at seeing the future and preventing problems before they occur. Hence, fewer change orders once construction is underway.


How a Good Project Manager Limits the Number of Change Orders


A project manager is the main point of contact during construction. Their roles are many, including planning the schedule, hiring and supervising the workers, ensuring equipment and materials are obtained, and strictly enforcing the schedule and budget.


Additionally, they are responsible for communicating frequently. Ensuring that all stakeholders remain informed throughout the project is imperative to reducing the number of change orders. If an issue does arise, it can quickly be addressed by the project team.


At times, change orders may become necessary during an office buildout, but more often than not, they are completely avoidable with proper planning and a professional team at the helm. If you’re looking for an experienced, reputable, and local Miami-Dade construction team for your office buildout, give our team at Seacoast Construction a call at 786-433-8740. We’re different from the rest, and our clients appreciate us for it.

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