How to Estimate Costs for a Medical Office Buildout in South Florida

Medical construction projects are not run-of-the-mill projects. They require specialized facility equipment and behind-the-scenes configuration and planning to ensure the infrastructure is in place for the office’s current and future medical needs. To make the situation even more challenging, medical construction must comply with Florida’s strict AHCA requirements.


All told, medical office buildouts in SoFla require close collaboration with trusted industry professionals who have expert knowledge and significant experience with local commercial construction. When you partner with a trusted general contractor, you’ll also gain the most accurate insight into anticipated costs and timelines for construction.


How to Budget for Medical Office Construction in Miami


Medical facility construction costs will include expenses related to the space you lease as well as construction, material and equipment costs; vendor fees; permitting expenses; and other catch-all costs that don’t fall neatly into one of these hard or soft categories.


Because of supply chain disruptions and the fluctuating costs of materials, many project owners are left wondering if it’s even possible to estimate a budget at all. While it’s true that prices are always changing, GCs can still estimate with accuracy the current cost of medical offices because we are constantly in tune with the market.


To best understand the specific costs for your buildout, give us a call at Seacoast Construction. Project costs will depend on the scope and complexity of the medical office you are building and the type of specialty equipment you may require. No matter the project, however, the best way to save money on an office buildout starts by hiring the right team. To learn more about all the ways we serve our clients, get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation.



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