3 Tips to Save Money During an Office Buildout

Office construction projects are months-long processes, and during this time, scope creep and cost overruns can quickly eat into your budget. To stay true to your budget and maybe even save some money along the way, try these tried-and-true tips.

1) Hire an owner’s representative.

Owner’s reps are experts in construction and their responsibilities are many. Namely, they keep the project on budget and on schedule – and this saves you money. As industry experts, they advocate on your behalf and ensure your wishes for the build are accomplished. Owner’s representatives are not project managers, but they are both important to the success of your office construction project.

2) Hire an experienced project manager.

Your project manager will be one of your primary points of contact for the construction project, so you want to hire an experienced one who excels at communication and organization. They can help you save money by offering honest advice during pre-construction. It is then when you can made cost-wise decisions and consider material alternatives or other value engineering solutions to save money. They will also keep your project on track and do everything they can to build out and keep a realistic timeline.

3) Insist on pre-construction.

One of the best ways to save money is to plan, plan and plan some more. Start early and be thorough during the earliest phase of an office buildout. Anticipating potential hurdles and developing a plan to solve them is far easier and less expensive than tacking on change order and change order during construction.

Your office buildout in Miami should accomplish your goals without busting your budget. One of the easiest ways to do both is to have the right team at your side. With more than 20 years of completing successful commercial projects in South Florida, we have the track record and experience to make your project a reality. Contact us today to learn more about the Seacoast difference.


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