What to Look for in a Medical Space for Your Next Office

Selecting the right medical space is important from a staffing and patient perspective. The location must be convenient, but the office space itself must also meet your needs in terms of the services and treatments you plan to offer. If the building is not equipped to manage your priorities and patient needs, you will find yourself searching for a new office space before you even get settled in to the current one.


In this post we’ll evaluate the construction considerations you need to be aware of when planning for a new medical space as well as discuss other variables that may influence your final decision.


Key Construction Considerations When Selecting a Medical Space


Chances are good that any office space you select will require some construction upgrades to meet the specific needs of your medical services.


Here are some things to keep in mind when considering the “bones” of the existing space and your opportunities (and associated costs) for configuring it to meet your needs.


  • What’s in the slab – is there piping for oxygen tanks? Having the appropriate infrastructure in place for your current and future anticipated needs will ensure that you will be able to continue to serve your patients even during times of crisis.
  • How will medical waste be disposed? What is the state of the building’s current ventilation system?
  • What needs do you have for treatment rooms versus surgical rooms versus post-op recovery rooms? And does the existing office footprint work for those needs?
  • In addition to patient rooms, will you need additional office space for staff?


If you are leasing the office space, be sure to review the agreement to understand if there are any construction limitations and partner closely with your GC to estimate the cost of any renovations or upgrades.


Moreover, like any business, you’ll want to ensure that the location will accommodate the population you’re looking to serve and that there is accessible parking. Pay attention to other competition in the area as well.


Selecting the right medical space for your new office is an important decision that will affect the future of your practice. For help understanding the costs associated with construction and navigating Florida’s rigid healthcare construction requirements, come talk to us at Seacoast Construction.



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