Building a Large Office Space to Welcome Staff Back to Work

For many office-based workers, where and how they work has changed significantly during these past two years due to the pandemic. Now with widespread vaccine availability, many employers are finding ways to safely welcome staff back to the office.


With some buildings sitting vacant for much of the time, it’s also an opportunity to renovate and upgrade the office environment. If you’re considering an office renovation, here are some things to keep in mind:


Understand your budget, timeline and goals

Commercial construction projects don’t happen overnight, and there are numerous factors that influence the total time it takes to complete a project. The key to effective timeline management, however, starts early with good communication and strong collaboration among stakeholders.


As you meet with general contractors, architects, and engineers to discuss your project, be upfront about your budget requirements, timeline expectations, and overall project goals. One of the biggest reasons for cost overruns and project delays is miscommunication (or no communication at all).


Consider your changing office needs

Most employers are still navigating what the world of work will look like as we emerge from the pandemic, but for some it might mean that employees are spending less time overall in the office. Maybe some are only coming in a few days a week to collaborate on meetings.


Others might be back full time and want to be assured of improved health and safety features, like improved ventilation throughout the building and the addition of touch-less features. Understanding how the expectations from your workforce has changed should inform your renovation.


As you consider your needs for a new office build-out or renovation, contact our team at Seacoast Construction to brainstorm your options. We’ve been working in the local market for more than 20 years and are highly attuned to the changing needs of our community members in and around South Florida.

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