How to Avoid Surprises During a Buildout

121416Any commercial construction project is a huge undertaking, but a buildout comes with its own unique issues.

Careful planning and preparation will ensure that your buildout stays on track and on time, and help you avoid any surprises along the way. Here’s how to keep issues from coming up during the process.

Set Realistic Budgets and Timelines

Budgeting is a common source of surprise during a buildout. This stems from unrealistic expectations, unexpected costs, or other issues. Exceeding a budget can stall or cancel a project. To prevent that from happening, make sure the construction budget includes all kinds of variables and contingencies that account for unexpected costs. Experienced General Contractors can help with the budgeting process and take an accurate, realistic approach.

Just as budgets can get off track, timelines can also get out of whack. Solid contracts and directives will ensure that timelines are clearly outlined. Open communication and receiving regularly reports can also help the project stay on time.

Work With Reliable Subcontractors

General Contractors are experienced in working with a variety of subcontractors, and having reliable, experienced contractors can ward off problems. In addition, clearly outlining the scope of work and everyone’s responsibilities will keep surprises from popping up, and keep the project on time and on budget.

Also, get to know all the members of the team. Developing and maintaining relationships with contractors helps you stay connected to the day to day of the project. Open communication is essential in understanding the project as a whole and keeping things running smoothly.

Get Regular Status Reports

Receiving regular status reports keeps you connected to the project and ensures that the buildout is following the specified timeline and budget. From the beginning, make it clear that status reports are expected and set a frequency for receiving the reports — monthly is good rule. Also, consider scheduling meetings and walk-throughs to stay up-to-date on the project. Issues can be quickly identified and remedied if everyone is carefully reviewing and keeping up with a project’s status.

Learn About Legalities

All buildout projects must comply with a municipality’s zoning, permitting, and building code requirements. Educate yourself early on about these rules and regulations, and seek out general contractors and subcontractors that are experienced working in specific areas. Understanding all the rules and following them from the beginning will help you avoid a surprise in the process.

Many surprises can occur during a commercial buildout. Seek out an experienced team, make sure you have a solid budget, and educate yourself on any laws that could interfere with your project to keep surprises from coming up.

If you have any questions about a commercial buildout you are about to start or are in the middle of, feel free to call us at 786-433-8740 to schedule a consultation.

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