Owner’s Representative vs. Project Managers — What’s the Difference

Construction projects have many moving parts and involve many people. The ultimate goal with any project is keeping it on time and within budget. Two roles in particular can make this happen — an owner’s representative and a project manager.

On the basic level, an owner’s representative serves as an extension of the owner and a connector between the owner and project manager, while project managers do as their titles suggest — manage each stage of the project.

To understand the full scope of a construction project, it’s important to understand who does what and how the roles of owner’s representative and project manager impact the project.

What Is an Owner’s Representative?

An owner’s representative is hired by a project owner to represent him or her throughout the entire process of a development, including site selection, design, entitlements, permitting, and construction. The owner’s representative serves as a liaison and ensures that the owner’s best interests are carried out.

Owner’s representatives are tasked with monitoring — not managing, which is the project manager’s job — various tasks associated with the development. Some of these tasks include ensuring that the project scope is carried out on time and according to budget. The rep helps with bidding processes, project mitigation, relocations, and more.

Project owners may lack the time and experience to perform these tasks themselves so they hire representatives, who are knowledgeable about the process, to help. Representatives stay in constant contact with owners and report on project issues and progress.

What Is a Project Manager?

A project manager essentially plans a construction project and oversees its progress. This includes developing plans, handling logistics, and managing budgets, expenses, and schedules. They also hire and supervise workers and sub-contractors, draft contracts, manage risks, and obtain equipment and materials.

Project managers, who are usually employed by the general contractor, direct the entire project from start to finish, and regularly communicate with owners and owner’s representatives about any issues.

Along with the owner’s representative, project managers also ensure that construction projects stay on time and on budget. Both roles keep things moving and keep the project’s owner in the loop.

At Seacoast Construction, we maintain both full-time staff that operate as either construction managers or owner’s representatives. Our team provides comprehensive servicess that ensure all developments are on schedule and completed according to budget, not matter the job description. Call us at 786-433-8740 to learn more about our construction management services.

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