5 Questions to Ask Before Beginning a Commercial Renovation Project

12716Commercial renovation projects can be little more complex than brand-new construction developments.

When tackling a renovation, be sure to seek out General Contractors and subcontractors that are experienced with renovations and knowledgeable about individual municipalities’ regulations. Here are five questions you should ask them before beginning your project:

  1. What zoning ordinances should we be concerned about?

    Before beginning any renovation project, be sure to understand all of the zoning ordinances for your municipality. How is the structure currently zoned? And, what are you planning to do with the building after the renovation? The answers to these questions may mean the structure will need to be re-zoned. Zoning codes change often. Sometimes modifying an existing structure for a new use means a zoning code variance or hearing is required.

    Obviously, buildings must comply with zoning codes, and depending on the exact location, that could mean at the city or county level. Not doing your homework on zoning could cost you time and money on the project.

  1. Is the building up to code?

    All buildings in the state of Florida must meet the state’s building codes, as well as city and county ordinances. Chances are, your renovation project needs some updating to meet code requirements.

    Building codes outline requirements for plumbing, electricity, fire safety, HVAC, and more. Make sure your General Contractor and any subcontractors are familiar with both the state and local building codes, as well as other applicable rules and regulations.

  1. Are there any municipality rules that will affect the project?

    Carefully evaluate the neighborhood where your renovation project is located and understand any intricacies associated that it has. Are there any building, design, or architectural requirements that you need to know about? Is the building or site considered historic?

    Also, are other businesses or individuals in the neighborhood accepting of the project? This is particularly important if you need to re-zone the space or if other businesses perceive some completion is coming. Get all of this worked out before the renovation begins to save time and trouble down the road. In some areas of the country, prior approval is required.

  1. Is the team experienced with renovations?

    Experience is absolutely essential during a renovation. Municipalities, historical boards, and architectural boards have various rules and requirements regarding zoning and building codes that must be followed. General Contractors and subcontractors should be well versed in these requirements.

  1. What issues are likely to arise?

    Obviously, no one can predict problems or issues with any construction project. But, it’s likely that some issue will arise, which is common for renovations. Talk to your general contractor about what to expect, based on their professional experience. And, always make sure your contract clearly outlines timelines and costs.

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