How Do You Cut Costs on a New Commercial Build in Florida?

Commercial construction costs can quickly spin out of control if you don’t keep a tight watch over your budget and insist on carefully executed pre-construction. While a project’s scope and complexity will largely influence its budget, so too will things like unnecessary change orders during construction.

The best time to cut costs and establish an accurate working budget for your commercial construction build is during pre-construction. Below we offer some suggestions to help you keep costs under control during a commercial renovation or save on a new construction project in South Florida.

Strategies to Save Money on New Commercial Builds


There are certain spending categories you won’t have much control over, but there are others where you will retain significant power to influence how much you do (or don’t) spend. These are some of those areas you can control.

  • Whether or not you hire an owner’s representative – Yes, hiring an owner’s rep costs money, but yes again, an owner’s rep also saves you money. The choice to hire an experienced owner’s rep for your build more than pays for itself not only in the tangible dollars and cents you save but also in the intangible rewards you gain. Owner’s reps work on your behalf and help make decisions that benefit you and your bottom line, while also reducing the stress and burden of being a project owner.
  • Whether or not you consider material or system alternatives – There’s almost always more than one way to achieve your project goals. A good project team will help you make cost-wise decisions and offer alternatives that still meet your expectations without compromising your budget.
  • Whether or not your general contractor and project manager are effective communicators – Who you hire will have a huge impact on how much your project costs and how quickly it is completed. Poor communication at any phase of construction can result in expensive change orders and unnecessary delays to your work schedule. Hire a reputable and experienced general contractor who communicates regularly and stays committed to budget goals.

Budget planning is one of the most important parts of preparing for a new commercial build in Florida. For honest advice and trusted results, turn to us at Seacoast Construction. We’re different from the others, and our clients appreciate us for it. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.


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