What Not to Skimp on When Doing an Office Buildout

There are many ways you can cut costs on a new commercial build in Florida, but there are some things you shouldn’t skimp on. This is our take on where to save and where to spend when it comes to renovating or constructing a new office building.

Don’t Skimp on These Areas

  • Functional features – It’s easy to swap out certain finishes or change your color palette down the road. It’s much more difficult and intrusive to reconfigure the office layout. Spend the time and money to make your new office functional for your work environment and save on aesthetic features that can be swapped or upgraded anytime.

  • Tech features – Your office needs to be equipped with the best in technology, and it’s much easier to do that during construction when the walls are open and electrical panels are exposed. Consider your technology needs and plan for the future when designing your office space.

  • Energy efficiency alternatives – New construction is an opportune time to evaluate energy-efficient alternatives. While they may be more expensive upfront, you may be eligible for rebates, and you’ll also benefit from ongoing energy savings.

  • Weather-resistant features – In SoFla, we can’t ignore the outside elements. Our exteriors must be tough and able to resist wind, salt, and UV exposure. Strong materials, impact-resistant glass and other durable products will put your building in the best position to weather Miami’s storms.

Lastly, two other areas you shouldn’t skimp on during an office buildout is doing your due diligence when you hire your general contractor and devoting significant time to pre-construction. Both steps will help ensure that your project is done professionally, on time and on budget.

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