Considerations When Building a Bakery with a Full Kitchen

For bakers, the kitchen is the heart of your operation. Having a fully functional kitchen with everything just where you need it makes mixing, rolling, shaping, proofing, and baking so much easier.

While we can offer no advice whatsoever when it comes to getting the perfect rise, we can offer construction and design expertise if you’re planning to open a commercial bakery in South Florida. Here are a few things to consider:

The Kitchen Comes First

No matter the type of restaurant, where you prepare the food should take precedence over how you deliver it to customers. Your kitchen needs to function safely and efficiently, and there are code requirements in place to ensure just that.

Equipment, in particular, can pose challenges when it comes to a bakery’s design and compliance. Commercial kitchen equipment installation needs to mesh both with the life safety requirements (e.g., the fire alarm and sprinkler and other electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems), as well as fit the project’s operational needs.

Even small bakeries will need an oven, hood exhaust, proofing drawers, rack space, freezer, fridge, and more all in the back of the house. Designing a kitchen where everything fits and functions requires strategic planning during pre-construction. Preventing things from going wrong is always easier than trying to fix them with change orders once the buildout is underway.

Front-of-the-House Experience

When customers walk into your bakery, it’s a sensory experience. You want the sights and smells to match what they will taste.

Part of your construction plan should include careful consideration for how you want to display your bakery items and food. Additionally, what kind of flow do you want customers to experience as they walk through your doors? These design elements all ensure efficiency and minimize congestion for employees and customers navigating your bakery.

When you partner with our team at Seacoast Construction for your bakery buildout, we ensure that your design works for your needs while also taking extra care and precautions to properly install your commercial kitchen equipment. If you have questions about bakery construction or improving your commercial kitchen, contact our team of experts today.

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