3 Reasons Why Working with a Local Contractor is Key to Pre-Construction Success

From an outsider’s perspective, pre-construction may appear to be one big flurry of activity, but for those of us insiders, it’s a very organized, deliberate and detailed process. Pre-construction is not a time for guessing or estimating. It’s a time for precision. It’s a time when the metaphorical nuts and bolts of the project get ironed out (before the real hardware can be drilled into place).

The team who leads you through pre-construction must be experienced and local, especially for South Florida-based construction projects. Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties all have their own construction requirements, and then there are the myriad rules and regulations unique to each city and municipality within these counties.

If you are looking for your Miami or SoFla commercial construction project to be both on time and on budget, here are three reasons why it’s imperative to go local with your pre-construction team.

  • To secure the appropriate zoning verification letter – The process for securing zoning board approval in Miami-Dade can be highly frustrating if you aren’t familiar with the process, forms and requirements. Often the approval committee only meets once per month. If there is an error in your documentation, you will have to wait at least another month before you can get in front of them again. This type of setback can be detrimental to your project’s timeline – and it’s completely avoidable if you work with a local construction professional.
  • To prevent permitting pitfalls – Permitting requirements are very localized in SoFla. They can even vary from municipality to municipality. Errors in a permitting application should not be the reason your project gets delayed. Our team at Seacoast Construction facilitates the entire process so you can be sure we have everything we need to secure permits as quickly as possible.
  • To ensure requisite soil testing takes place – Here in South Florida, the ground underneath us is comprised of a mix of stone, sand, dirt and more. The makeup of those materials has a significant impact on the type of foundation you’ll need for your building, and it’s imperative to know your soil type before construction can begin. Having an all-star team for your project means working with skilled contractors, engineers, architects and more so that every aspect of the project is covered.

For help knowing where to start with commercial construction in South Florida, please get in touch with our team at Seacoast Construction. We offer owner’s representation services as well as general contracting, construction management, pre-construction coordination and more. Call us at 786-433-8740 to schedule a free consultation.

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