Pre-Construction: Permitting and Processing

While we like to be optimists, when it comes to permitting in Miami-Dade, we have to be realists. And the reality is that the permitting process here can be painfully awful if you aren’t prepared.

Ways to Speed Up Permitting in Miami-Dade

You can’t sidestep the permitting process, but you can take forward steps to speed things up. If you ask most project owners, they’ll take any help they can get because, for better or worse (mostly worse), the permitting process in SoFla has a difficult reputation for a reason.

Here are two things you can do to shave time off this required and at times frustrating experience.

  1. Use a third party: If you have an opportunity to use a third-party permit provider – one that is approved by the state and can act as the city and review plans – do it. Yes, this will cost more money, but it will save you so much time.

That said, it won’t solve all your problems. There will still be some time spent waiting because, while the third-party provider can help you through the review process, they are not allowed to do the buyer review, environmental review or water and sewer connections. You will still need to follow the required steps for those processes. Nevertheless, you will still save a significant amount of time going the third-party route.

  1. Get your doc ducks in a row: Documentation, documentation, documentation. Loads of supporting documentation will be required to get a permit, so make sure everything is ready to go. Don’t give the permitting committee a single reason to delay your application.

Architects and designers just do their drawings, and they have different drawing requirements than engineers. You need a single point person to gather and coordinate product data, secure approvals, and ensure all documentation is accounted for and accurate prior to submission.

Seacoast Construction works to get the complete design and coordinate the owner’s finishes and requirements so we have everything ready for permitting. We facilitate the entire process and advise owners of fees and timelines. If you have an upcoming construction project in SoFla, give us a call today.


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