The Demand in Construction in SoFla for Commercial Property

South Florida is the place to be. It was, it is, and will always be. As the gateway to South America, New York City, and Europe, the demand for commercial property and construction in SoFla has only continued to increase. If you’re thinking about taking on a commercial construction project here, don’t delay.

Rising Demand (and for Good Reason)

Companies large and small have set their sights on the sunny skies and ripe tax benefits that come with being in Florida. During the early days of the pandemic, we began seeing an influx of South American businesses and other large organizations from throughout the U.S. who chose to relocate their headquarters or open offices in Miami. Businesses wanted to remain as open as possible, and in Florida, they could. The effects of this influx are still very much present today.

Demand for commercial space will continue to rise in Miami, and we will likely not be hit with a recession as badly as other cities and locations around the world.

For commercial investors, there are several good reasons to consider building or investing in new property in SoFla, including:

  • It is a hub for South America.
  • There is an ever-increasing number of New York, Chicago and Los Angeles transplants coming to the city.
  • Locals also want to invest and build in their own communities.
  • People around the world are moving their money around and out of their countries – and choosing to invest in SoFla real estate.

As a property investor or real estate owner, now is the time to capitalize on increasing opportunities for commercial space here in Florida.

Get in touch with us at Seacoast Construction to learn more about the local market. We’ve been working in SoFla for more than 20 years and know what it takes to successfully complete your commercial project on time and on budget. Get in touch with our team to schedule a free consultation.



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