Case Study: How We Can Rescue You From Permitting Peril

Everyone knows that you can’t build without a permit. But, not all general contractors have the same understanding and knowledge of their municipality’s building codes and permits.

At Seacoast Construction, we have an excellent grasp of South Florida’s building permitting process. We understand the code and how to interpret it. Because of this knowledge, we have been called on to rescue owners from permitting peril. Here’s an example:

Code Interpretation

Several years ago, we were asked to take over a remodel of a school from the existing builder. When we first got involved, the project was in rough shape. It was behind schedule, about $250,000 had been paid upfront for work that hadn’t been completed, and the owner was in a difficult spot and found it hard to trust anyone involved.

We quickly identified the issues with the project, and that the previous builder was not building according to code and trying to cover it up. But we were able to find a solution.

The issue involved an elevator. The previous contractor said one was required, which would have been a hardship for the building because it would have taken up too much space. After researching the code, we found a gray area.

We had chance to debate the issue with building officials, and they agreed with our interpretation. Instead of an elevator, we added an accessibility lift, which we could install on the outside of the building.

Our familiarity with the local building code and ability to meet with city officials and debate allowed us to save the project. We helped the owner overcome these issues, make up time, and meet the project timeline. Even though, that meant we were finalizing paperwork at 7:30 a.m. before students began arriving for class.

How We Help with Permits

Understanding building permits and municipalities’ building rules and regulations is nearly impossible for newcomers to construction. That’s why you should hire a general contractor.

We know what you need to build, according to where you want to build. Our vast knowledge of the city of Miami and its neighborhoods means we can head off any permitting issues. We educate you on the front end about this process.

If you are planning a build, let Seacoast Construction help you avoid the permitting peril. Our preconstruction services will get your project started on the right foot. Give us a call at 786-433-8740 to schedule a consultation.

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