3 Roles Every General Contractor Should Serve

With any project, a general contractor assumes many different roles. Each assures that a project is completed successfully and meets your goals.

GCs have extensive knowledge of every facet of a build. Along with building a team to complete the work and setting budgets and schedules, they also solve problems, educate owners, and provide support through every stage. Here’s an overview of three vital roles of every GC:

Problem Solver

General contractors organize the chaos that is construction. They do anything possible to help project owners achieve their goals. This includes hiring subcontractors, helping gather required permits, and sharing their knowledge about building in specific municipalities. They use their experience to create budgets and schedules, as well as a systematic approach for getting from point A to point B.

With any project, issues will come up. As problem solvers, GCs create a solid foundation for the project through preconstruction work to curtail any issues before they happen. If a surprising issue does come up, they can create solutions and get the project going again.


Educating clients and project owners is a consistent theme in the construction industry. Too often, builders don’t take the time to do this. Projects are most successful when everyone is on the same page and you fully understand what to expect and the expected outcome.

If you aren’t familiar with construction, it may be a struggle to read plans and understand what a project will look like before it’s built. GCs provide that perspective. Years of in-depth architecture and building knowledge means we can relate to you what a project will truly look and feel like, and this is extremely important for project owners.

An integral part of educating owners is the preconstruction process. This helps you understand timeframes, budgets, and any other issues.


Any build is a team effort. Along with architects, engineers, project managers, and subcontractors, the owner plays a major role. Hiring a GC doesn’t mean that you won’t be involved. And, we want to make sure you understand that.

We hold hands with our project owners through every step. We will require things of you, just as you require things of us. But, we are there when issues arise or if you have questions. We provide a level of support to ensure a project’s success.

At Seacoast Construction, we embody these roles and bring knowledge and integrity to each and every project. Give us a call at 786-433-8740 to schedule a consultation.


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