Building Your Dream Construction Team

It takes a village to carry out any large-scale project. As general contractors, we assemble the best team for your build, always taking into account your project’s goals.

From creating the vision to actually moving in, the individuals tackling each task along the way can make a project a success or a complete nightmare. As project owner, you are essentially the spoke of the wheel. You hire general contractors who, often with your input, hire other members of the team.

Setting the Project’s Scope

During the preconstruction phase, the project’s scope of work, timeline, schedule, and budget are set. This is a critical first step in any build because it guides the process. It also helps GCs know who to hire and who would be the best members of the team to accomplish the build’s objectives.

Defining Roles

Once a clear plan is created, the team can be assembled. The exact team members needed depends on the specifics of the build, but some common roles for most projects include:

  • Architect: They bring specific design and structural expertise to the project, which marries civil, mechanical, and electrical aspects.
  • Engineer: They handle mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, and provide structural analysis and design.
  • Interior Designer: They plan aspects, such as finishes, space planning, functionality, furnishings, and design.
  • Contractor: The contractor brings everything together to complete the actual project.

Once the team is assembled, make sure that you understand everyone’s role and how it fits into your overall scope of work and schedule.

Keeping It All Together

Having an experienced general contractor on board who knows the top talent in the area gets the project going. But, you have to be involved in keeping it all together. You should establish a timeline for ongoing meetings and be in regular contact with your GC. This ensures that there are checks and balances throughout the lifecycle of the project and keeps issues from popping up.

All projects are a team effort and every member’s role is vital. Good communication is the key to keeping it all together and running smoothly.


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