5 Things That are Always Overlooked in Restaurant Buildouts

We love working on restaurant construction projects in Miami. Their concepts can be bold and dynamic, and taking risks in the industry can be highly rewarding. Yet from a build perspective, they are also challenging and complex. Not only must you consider efficiency in design, but there are also a host of regulatory requirements restaurant owners must follow. Getting everything “just right” necessitates careful planning. Here are some essential areas that often get forgotten or overlooked in restaurant buildouts.

  1. How the professional hood system will mesh with life safety requirements: Designs look beautiful on paper, but when you get in the kitchen, you can run into major setbacks and frustrations. Your hood system needs to mesh with your life safety components as well as all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing needs. It’s imperative that the hood functions properly in concert with the fire alarm and HVAC system, which means the location of such components will dictate where your hood system can go.

  1. Whether you have an adequate grease trap: Restaurants and other establishments with commercial kitchens are required to have grease interceptors (also known as grease traps), which are designed in different sizes and capacities to handle a certain amount of waste. Miami-Dade requirements mean that bigger tanks or double tanks with newer technology may be needed to achieve the zero-waste goals set by many Florida cities and counties.

  1. If all permitting requirements have been met: Running a successful restaurant in Miami cannot be accomplished without first complying with the city’s construction regulations. Restaurants, like any other business, must secure appropriate permits before beginning construction as well as pass inspections for fire and other code compliance requirements.

  1. Whether you have realistic budget expectations: The price for materials and labor ebbs and flows depending on changing market conditions, and what you think (and hope) the project might cost may be grossly underestimated. As you consider the feasibility of your restaurant buildout, talk to several general contractors in South Florida early in your planning process to get a ballpark feel for costs. Even if the numbers you’re hearing don’t align with your expectations, know there are many ways to save money without cutting corners on your restaurant buildout.

  1. If you’ve weighed the importance of strong project management: It can be easy to overlook the value a project manager brings to restaurant construction, but you shouldn’t. An experienced PM is the key to delivering a successful buildout that’s completed on time and on budget. Don’t forget about this essential step.

When you partner with our team at Seacoast Construction, we ensure that your restaurant is designed in a way that best works for your needs while also taking extra care and precautions to properly install your commercial equipment. If you have questions about a restaurant renovation or improving your commercial kitchen, get in touch with our team of experts today.


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