When Should a Consultant Join and Exit Your Construction Project?

The nature of construction consulting is that the consultant can be involved in just one phase of the project or many. It depends on the nature and complexity of the build, as well as the owner’s needs and preferences. If the consultant is joining for portions of the project rather than serving as an owner’s rep for the entire buildout, there are some general milestones when they will typically enter and exit a given phase. Here are a few examples.

Pre-Construction and Planning Phase

  • Join: Consultants often join a project during its very early stages. This is when initial discussions about project goals, scope and feasibility take place. A consultant may be tasked with conducting a buildability report or assist with building out the budget and timeline.

  • Exit: Once the project parameters, goals and initial feasibility studies are established, consultants may transition out if their expertise is not required in subsequent phases.

Design Phase

  • Join: Consultants are often involved in the design phase. Their expertise is especially valuable in mitigating potential risks. Doing so early during design development can end up saving time and money down the road.

  • Exit: When the design is finalized and approved, construction consultants may exit the project before it enters the construction phase.

Construction Phase

  • Join: During construction, the role of the consultant generally revolves around overseeing construction, managing timelines and budgets, and ensuring quality.
  • Exit: Consultants typically exit when the project reaches completion.

These and other phases throughout the project benefit from specialized assistance. Consultants may join the project at any stage, especially if a specific challenge or requirement arises. The benefit of hiring a consultant is that the role is flexible and may transition or overlap between phases.

As you consider hiring a construction consultant for your Miami project, be sure to look for these qualities and give us a call at (786) 433-8740 to ask your questions.



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