4 Steps to Creating a Strategic Plan with your Developer

There’s more to commercial construction than just building the building.

For property owners and investors, developing a sound strategic plan is part and parcel of any new build or property renovation, and the developer or general contractor that you hire plays a key role in helping you develop and execute on this plan.

As you work through creating your strategic plan, your developer should be helping guide you through the following steps:

Mutual understanding of the overarching business goals
At a functional level, how will the space be used? Who will work or live there? How big does the space need to be? From a business perspective, how does the new property fit in with other pieces of the overall business plan? What are the primary objectives used to measure success, and how does the business hope to achieve them?

Aligning those business goals to the new property

New construction and renovation plans need to support the business strategy and help it achieve its goals. Your developer will offer guidance on things like location, permits, building size, structural functionality, and more to support and meet these and future goals.

Developing a pre-construction plan

Pre-construction coordination is a critical step along the way of executing a strategic plan. Not only does it serve as another touchpoint to ensure timelines and budgets get met, it also helps reinforce a strong partnership between business owner or investor and the developer.

Reviewing and monitoring plan execution

Once you begin executing your plan, take the opportunity to routinely check in on how well you’re tracking to meet your defined objectives. As new things come up, which they inevitably will, be prepared to flex and set new goals along the way.

At Seacoast Construction, we’ve helped countless builders and investors develop and execute on their strategic plans. Schedule a consultation today, and we can get started right away.

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