What is Pre-construction Coordination, and Why Does It Matter?

seacoastEver have a great idea but have no clue where to start to execute a plan to make that idea come to life? This happens all the time in the real estate construction industry. That’s why it’s so important to have a trustworthy pre-construction coordinator be involved in your project from the very beginning.

With so many moving parts when it comes to bringing your project to fruition, it’s a game changer to have a reliable, experienced team on your side to guide you through the process can make every step easier for you.

Pre-construction coordination encapsulates a range of different services. It can take an idea that is at its earliest design stages and turn it into an actionable plan. An understanding of your project’s scope allows for a coordinator to offer the most appropriate recommendations for successful completion of every stage of your project. Pre-construction coordination sets the foundation for a project with overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from start to finish. A good coordinator creates a plan that incorporates all of your requirements to ensure your project is fully functional and financially viable project.

Some examples of pre-construction services that Seacoast offers are:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Assistance in land acquisition
  • Help retaining a qualified architect or engineer
  • Coordination with architect/engineer to ensure the project efficiency
  • Permitting services and permit processing
  • Selection of materials and appliances
  • Providing reliable industry contacts
  • Company builder accounts
  • Financing options and financing assistance

Good pre-construction coordination will help you manage all the details of your project at its inception, getting all your ducks in a row before the general contractor comes in to the picture. We highly recommend these services as the best way to manage your project well from day one.


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