Pros and Cons: Should You Renovate or Build New?

There comes a time in every business or building’s lifecycle when either your needs for the space have changed or the need for modernization makes itself known. Regardless of what brings you to your next building juncture, you’re now faced with the ultimate decision – do you renovate your existing property or build new from the ground-up?

Your business goals and outcomes will ultimately drive your decision, but there are pros and cons to both choices.


In commercial construction, time is of the essence, and new builds generally take longer to complete. Not only are you challenged with finding the right building site, it then takes additional time to secure approvals before starting from scratch on the entire process.

Renovations can also be time-consuming, but the bones of the building are already in place. Even the most transformative renovations can often be completed more quickly than a new build.

Ultimately, whether building new or renovating, time is a critical factor, and if you want to keep your project moving along according to plan, you need an experienced general contractor who knows the area.

Historical and architectural preservation

When renovating an older building, it’s common to run into outdated code issues that need to be addressed in order to move forward with the project, and some updates can be quite costly. Regardless, it’s important to weigh that against preserving a historical building and what that may also mean to the community.

Environmental impact

New builds generally mean you’re sourcing new materials and losing out on the opportunity to repurpose existing materials that may otherwise hit the landfill. Considering where you can reuse and save can not only be beneficial for the environment, it can also save you money.

As you consider the pros and cons of where you want to take your next commercial construction project, give us a call. We’re the on-time, on-budget exerts in South Florida.

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