3 Unique Concerns for Medical Buildouts (and How to Overcome Them)

Medical buildouts can be among the most challenging of all construction projects because of the multiple layers of compliance regulations to navigate as well as the ultimate importance of the work you’re constructing and the people you’re serving.

Specifically, in Florida, securing AHCA compliance approval can be an overriding concern, especially if your general contractor is not well-versed on the process (not to mention, meticulously organized). Regardless of the scope of the medical construction project, however, there are unique concerns facing project owners and general contractors who take on a medical buildout.

Patient impact – Noise and other construction byproducts can be disruptive to patients, staff, or residents. Minimizing the impact on the patients or residents living at the health facility needs to be a top concern. Moreover, plans must be in place to prevent any interruption of services from the care team. Sometimes this might even mean constructing a temporary station or facility to enable the care team to continue operations while the rest of project is underway. This is something we’ve had to do for a nurse call station at an assisted living facility.

Safety – Patients in medical facilities can be extremely vulnerable to infections or other health concerns, so it’s imperative that their health and safety remain a top priority during construction by minimizing debris and not disrupting sterile environments.

Compliance – As already mentioned, the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration has instituted strict regulatory and licensure standards that a health facility must meet in order to operate. Failure to comply with these measures can be detrimental to a project. The best way to overcome these hurdles is to hire an experienced GC team who has successfully completed AHCA builds. At Seacoast Construction, we know what it takes to pass these rigorous inspections and will help you seamlessly navigate approvals, too.

If you’re planning a medical buildout, get in touch to schedule a free consultation to discuss your project.

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