Common FAQs about Commercial Construction in Florida – Answered!

Whether you’re a seasoned project owner or new to commercial construction, we all have questions, and these are a few we hear frequently from clients just like you.

Help! The bids I received are all over the place. How do I know which one to trust?

Deciphering bids shouldn’t be rocket science, but all too often it feels that way because of the convoluted way some contractors put together their bids. Some outright exclude critical elements to the project while others boldly inflate their rates. It’s rare to be able to compare apples to apples. At Seacoast Construction, we can help you decipher bids from other contractors and give you the full picture of why certain elements cost what they do. While the lowest bid is probably not the best bid, the highest bid might also raise flags. Our recommendation is to solicit bids but then come talk to us for a walk-through of what it all means for the future of your project and build.

What are the best ways to ensure an on-time, on-budget build?

This is understandably a top priority for most every project owner, and the answer is surprisingly simple: pre-construction. While we’ve talked about it before on our blog, it’s worth restating just how important it is to the overall construction process and budget. Why? Pre-construction gets at the nitty-gritty of project planning and schedule mapping so that when it’s go-time, the roadmap is clear, the budget is set, and the build is ready to proceed as planned.

How disruptive will a renovation be to my tenants or ongoing business operations?

Renovations to part or all of an existing property can be challenging but are never insurmountable. When partnering with clients, we map out our priorities and discuss how their needs and our efforts can align in the least intrusive way possible for tenants. A little planning (e.g., pre-construction) and extra care can make any renovation achievable with minimal disruption to the daily lives of those who live or work in the building. By way of example, check out this renovation work we did to an assisted living facility.

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