Important Considerations When Constructing Assisted Living Facilities

As general contractors, it’s always important for us to remember that at the end of the day, our constructed work serves more than just a functional purpose. It also should make the residents, employees, or guests lives easier and bring more joy to what they do every single day. Never is this more important than when constructing a facility like an independent or assisted-living facility.

Renovations to assisted living facilities are complex in part because you are working in their homes while they continue to go on with their daily living patterns. It’s critical to both be respectful of their space and livelihoods while also meeting the client’s project requests. In our work at Vi at Aventura, we were able to seamlessly accomplish both those aims while also meeting Florida building code and compliance requirements.

Managing priorities

Our work at Vi was rooted in strong communication with both our client based in Chicago as well a commitment to existing residents to minimize disruption during construction.

Vi, located in Aventura, Florida, is a two-tower, 24-story independent and assisted living facility community and a subsidiary of Hyatt Hotel Group based in Chicago. Seacoast Construction was contracted to update the facility’s common areas, including the library, bar, restaurant, dining facility, corridors, card room, pool, gym, and more. We also updated the elevator lobby areas of the two towers without disrupting the occupants’ daily living patterns. Because our clients and designers were based in Chicago, we relied frequently on technology to communicate updates and show them our progress.

Improving quality of life

As an assisted living facility, residents should expect that their facility and home offers them an improved quality of life. To that end, a big part of our project work was focused on the residential dining experience. We completely reconfigured the way residents dined in the restaurant and bar areas by creating two distinct sections – a café in one section and a formal dining area with concierge at the front of the other.

At Seacoast Construction, we recognize that our work has an impact long after we’ve left the construction site and completed the final paperwork. With assisted living facilities, our goal is to always enhance the quality of life for residents and staff long after we’ve cleared away our construction debris. For questions about constructing healthcare facilities in Florida and navigating AHCA, contact us.

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