Why Pre-Construction is Essential for Your Next South Florida Build

What’s the secret to an on-time, on-budget build? Well, it’s not a secret really. It’s pre-construction. If finishing your project as planned is a priority for you (and why wouldn’t it be?), then accurate pre-construction planning is an essential first step in any build.

When undertaking a complex project in South Florida, whether you’re building in Miami, Delray, Boca Raton or Hollywood, give yourself the best start by partnering with a firm who can create a detailed program to ensure your project is ready to be picked up and built.

Why pre-construction

Pre-construction establishes the roadmap for your project. It defines the project’s scope of work as well as assists with feasibility studies, land acquisition, hiring and coordinating qualified architect and/or engineers, acquiring permits, selecting materials, and discussing financing options, among others.

Pre-construction is not about broad-brush ideas. It involves detailed planning and schedule mapping in order to align your major objectives with what’s feasible and realistic for the project.

Setting scope and budget

One of the biggest benefits of pre-construction is that it helps set expectations regarding timeline, scope, and budget. At Seacoast Construction, we go over a complete materials list to ensure consistency, accuracy, and expense. At the end of this phase, your budget and timeline is set, and your project is fully ready to build.

Skip the headaches and take the time to complete pre-construction. After all, the better the planning, the better the project. Not only will it help prevent major surprises, it will also ensure that everyone is on the same page with accurate preconstruction coordination. Throughout the project, you will return again and again to what has been outlined during pre-construction, which is useful for keeping everyone accountable to the tasks set forth.

Get your next project off to the right start by giving us a call to discuss pre-construction coordination today.

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