How to Ensure You Get the Right Subcontractors for Your Next Job

Large-scale construction projects are incredibly complex. As you’ll discover during pre-construction, absolute precision and accuracy are essential to staying on schedule and within budget. This keen attention to detail applies to everything from labor, materials, timeline, negotiations, and all of the other requisite components of the build. If one piece in the process goes off-course, the entire project could be set back or worse.

Ultimately, managing the build is as much about keeping all of these parts in line and moving forward as it is about executing the build itself. Hiring the right general contractor to oversee the project – and the chosen subcontractors – could be the difference-maker when it comes to staying on schedule and on time.

Subcontractors matter

Pick a mediocre general contractor, and you may end up with mediocre subcontractors. As we’ve seen in South Florida, construction costs are rising in part due to skilled labor shortages. With an increased demand for specialty labor like electricians and plumbers, it’s all the more important for general contractors to have established relationships with trusted subcontractors. The competition for quality workers is tough. Pick an inexperienced subcontractor and you may end up having to get the work redone, which spells bad news for budget and timeline.

Time is of the essence

Very rarely are established subcontractors just sitting around waiting for work. Schedules are tight, and they’re likely managing multiple projects at the same time. When we partner with subcontractors, we work with them well in advance to plan out what materials will be needed and when the work will need to be completed. We’re cognizant of their other commitments and stay in frequent contact with them to keep things moving smoothly and ensure that the work gets done as planned.

The right general contractor should have established subcontractor relationships, and you should feel free to ask your GC about them when you interview them. Subcontractors are an essential part of the construction team, and you should feel confident from the start that they are superior in their trade and committed to your schedule.

If you have questions about subcontractors and how they work with the construction team, get in touch today. We’re happy to walk you through how we vet our subcontractors and the roles they play in our builds.

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