How to Know How Many Inspections You’ll Need for Your AHCA Project

Taking on a medical or health facility build can be a rightfully daunting task. On top of an already complicated commercial build process, health facilities pose unique challenges specifically when it comes to securing AHCA compliance approval. And while those inexperienced with the process may brush aside its importance, receiving appropriate and timely approvals is paramount to the success of the project. After all, failure to meet licensure and regulatory standards set by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration means the facility could be rendered unusable. And no one wants that.

At Seacoast Construction, we’ve found that one of the best ways to head into any project – no matter the scope or complexity – is by keeping the entire project team’s eyes wide open (hint: that’s where pre-construction comes in). For medical facility projects, this means knowing exactly what to expect in terms of inspections and timelines for AHCA projects. While requirements may vary by project, below are the minimum number of formal processes or inspections you will need in order to secure AHCA approval.

  • Pre-construction approval – Not so much an inspection, but a critical step that needs to happen before your project can even begin: gaining approval of your project plans. This includes submitting three stages of plans – schematic, preliminary and construction documents, which includes requirements such as detailed plans and drawings as well as a general description of the construction including finishes, acoustical material, floor coverings, ventilating equipment, plumbing fixtures, and much more. Upon gaining approval to proceed with construction, the facility has one year to begin construction. If a year passes without construction, all drawing must be resubmitted for another plan review.
  • Site inspection at 80 percent completion – As the project nears 80 percent completion, a construction survey will be completed to assess the build’s progress. To be ready for the inspection, we recommend coming prepared with thorough documentation and paperwork for every single piece of the project. Our binders of paperwork are typically about 5 inches thick so we are ready to handle any possible question an AHCA inspector can throw at us.
  • Final site inspection – Heading into the final site inspection, you should feel confident that your project is ready to pass the toughest of standards. Once again, paperwork will be your best friend to show proof of approvals, certifications, and various testing.

If you fail to pass either of these inspections, you can count on having to schedule more, and that means more time and more money you don’t want and can’t afford to spend. To seamlessly navigate AHCA compliance approval, count on us at Seacoast Construction. Call us today at 786-433-8740 to discuss your project.


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