You Bought Land. Now What? Getting Started with Your Custom Luxury Home.

More than a year after the pandemic began sending shockwaves around the world, many of us are finding ourselves in both a new state of mind and perhaps also a new state of living, quite literally.


While many of us started out 2020 with our eyes set clearly in one direction, a seismic shift has altered many aspects of our lives. One area of major area of impact that many had not expected prior to the pandemic was the soaring boost to residential homes sales.


As we reflect back on those early weeks and months of stay-at-home orders and significant layoffs and furloughs across numerous industries, the real estate market quietly held its breath.


Little by little it began to exhale as real estate numbers continued to remain cautiously optimistic despite the economic downturn. While other parts of the economy suffered, real estate continued a steady rise on its way to record sales.


Throughout South Florida and across the U.S., COVID redefined the way families think about “home” – homeowners experienced a mental shift in terms of how they experience the place they live. Months of socially distancing and staying at home gave them greater clarity on their future goals, and for some, this meant deciding to sell their condo and finally make their luxury dream home a reality.


Purchased land and ready to build?


If you’ve purchased new land or an existing residential property and are ready to build your luxury residential home, you’ll want a local design-build team to partner with and guide you through the process, including conducting a buildability report prior to any construction even getting under way (to learn more about why your luxury residential project needs one, read this blog.


Purchasing land for your home is an exciting step. Next the real fun begins with the build process. If you have questions about your custom luxury residential project in South Florida, get in touch with us. We’re happy to answer questions and offer guidance based on what our 20+ years of experience in the market has taught us.

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