Buildability Report: Why Your Luxury Residential Project Needs One

You’ve heard the adage, “measure twice; cut once.” In the most literal sense, it’s building advice we follow every day, but it also speaks to the broader issue of planning effectively prior to undertaking any project whether it’s a relatively small-scale remodel or a brand-new custom luxury home.

Failure to plan and prepare leads to mistakes, and mistakes lead to lost time and money. And, as so many design trends have changed due to COVID (combined with delays in the permitting process), the importance of planning out the details of your build well before you start your permit run has only increased.

If you’re planning a luxury residential project, you don’t have time for mistakes. That’s why it is so essential to have your general contractor conduct a buildability report prior to giving the green light on a build.

What is a Buildability Report?

In the simplest terms, a buildability report outlines what can and can’t realistically be built on a given property. For example, the plot of land you’ve chosen may have the best views in South Florida, but if there ends up being an issue with zoning, grade or soil quality, it can make building on it very difficult, if not impossible.

While finding out such news can be very disappointing, it’s much better to do so before you’ve sunk a bunch of money into a project that will go nowhere.

Why Your Luxury Residential Project Needs a Buildability Report

Even if the land you buy has an existing structure on it, it’s still important to conduct a property assessment as things like zoning, soil contaminants, and flood zones all can and do change over time, especially in a place like Florida where the effects of global warming are being felt in real-time.

At Seacoast Construction, we offer buildability reports as part of our pre-construction process as well as for homeowners and developers who may already have an architect or general contractor but are seeking a second opinion in regards to the project (as we said, measure twice and cut once).

If you have questions about your custom luxury residential project in South Florida, get in touch with our team. We’re happy to answer questions and offer guidance based on what our 20+ years of experience in the market has taught us.

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