Who Does What in Commercial Construction: Your Guide to Understanding Key Roles

In the commercial building process, every player plays an important role in seeing the project through to completion on time and on budget. And with the right orchestration and management leading the way, your team can accomplish just that. Here’s what you need to know about how all the different roles in a commercial building project come together.

Owner’s Representative

An owner’s representative is hired by a project owner to oversee the big-picture development of the project, including everything from selecting a site through to constructing the build. They remain in lock-step with the owner and ensure that his or her interests are carried out and remain at the forefront of decision making.

Project Manager

Project managers are essential to keeping the project moving forward as scheduled and on budget. They play a more hands-on role as compared to the owner’s representative when it comes to executing the build, as they are responsible for hiring and supervising workers and subcontractors, managing risk, obtaining equipment and materials, managing the budget, as well as maintaining frequent contact with owners and owner’s representatives.


In a Design-Build approach, the architect partners with the general contracting team to execute specific design and structural plans by bringing together civil, mechanical, and electrical aspects of the build.


Engineers assist with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems and offer structural analysis and design. Depending on the project, specialized engineers, like an acoustical engineer, may also be hired.

Interior Designer

The interior designer role helps plan the interior aspects of the project, including space planning and functionality, finishing, and design and aesthetics.

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