What to Look For From a Buildability Standpoint in Your Office Search

Prior to any construction project comes the dreaming phase. Regardless if it’s a Class A project or an industrial warehouse being converted into a contractor’s office, the sky can be the limit when you’re initially designing concepts for a project, but not long after, it’s time for the realists to enter the room.


We, the realists, don’t want to be party poopers, but we do want your office project to go off without a hitch. That’s why we recommend all project owners undergo a buildability, or constructability, report prior to finalizing their office search.


What is a Buildability Report?


Constructability reports are assessments we undergo as part of our pre-construction services, but they can also be done as part of a third-party consultation for clients seeking a second opinion.


The aim of this report is to evaluate how well construction will be able to proceed on the given site. Moreover, it assesses whether there are any flaws with the architectural and structural design prior to starting the build.


How Findings May Impact Your Office Project


When you’re searching for a new office space in Miami-Dade, there are opportunities to renovate existing high-rise spaces, build from the ground up, or explore any of the endless options in between. Before settling on a space, however, you want to ensure that its site and specifications will meet your design goals.


If there is an incongruity between what you (and your architect) envision and what we, as construction experts, deem out of line with budget expectations, that can set up a challenging tension for the build. Worse, it could lead to expensive change orders and delays. A constructability report gets everyone on the same page from the outset and paves the way for a much smoother construction project once the office buildout is ready to begin.


To learn more about constructability reports and how one could be of value for your Miami office search, get in touch with us at Seacoast Construction. In such a competitive market, having an accurate understanding of how the job needs to be designed and built to match your goals is essential. Contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your project needs.

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