Preconstruction Coordination

Seacoast Construction’s experienced staff will work with you from the very earliest design stages of your project. This will allow us to gain a complete understanding of your scope, which will enable us to apply our experience and knowledge to assist and provide recommendations on all the required aspects of the project.

Our pre-construction services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • assist in land acquisition,
  • help obtain and hire a qualified architect and engineer,
  • coordinate with architect/engineer to ensure the project is efficient,
  • permitting (and processing of permit) services,
  • selection of materials and appliances,
  • industry contacts,
  • company builder accounts,
  • financing options and financing assistance.

Seacoast will create a detailed program, to the point where the project is ready to be picked up and built.

We will provide you the best product at the best price which will allow you to achieve the highest value for your budget in your time frame.

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