What to Know About the Ins and Outs of a Commercial Renovation

If you’re staring down a commercial renovation on your property, you likely have many questions about the process, timeline, and how it all fits in with your projects goals. Or, perhaps you simply have the sense that you need a commercial renovation but aren’t exactly sure where to begin. For the majority of our clients, commercial renovations or remodels often stem from a need to redesign their existing space for improved functionality, upgrade old or failing systems, bring dated buildings up to code, earn LEED certifications, and the list goes on.

When our clients approach us about a commercial renovation, our first step is to always ask the right questions to make sure we fully understand their goals, budget, and timeline. From there, we walk through the various ins and outs of completing a commercial renovation. Below are a few of those steps we discuss to ready our clients for a renovation:

Discuss how mandatory and optional upgrades fit with their budget

We have strict building codes in South Florida, and aging buildings may not meet current safety standards. We discuss with clients the mandatory upgrades that are required to bring their property up to code as well as how other optional upgrades, like LEED certifications, may fit within the scope of their budget and plan.

Set permitting and inspection expectations

With every project we take on, we factor in to our timeline the often lengthy permitting process. If it is an AHCA renovation, even more inspections will be required throughout the build (curious to learn more about AHCA inspections? Check out our blog post on the topic.). We understand how these inspections and permitting requirements can be disruptive to a project if they are not fully planned and prepared for. That’s why we document everything we do and keep a several-inches thick binder with us to be sure we’re ready to answer any question that comes our way.

Flesh out details during pre-construction

During pre-construction, we work through the finest of details to ensure that the timeline and budget we set is the one we’ll meet when the project comes to completion. While it might seem like some of the decisions can simply be made along the way, this can be detrimental to a project. Thorough planning during pre-construction is imperative for a successful buildout.

Renovations can be cost-effective ways to upgrade your building, rather than starting from scratch with a new build. With Seacoast Construction, we work hard to minimize disruption during a renovation and ensure that the goals we set at the project’s outset are the goals we achieve on time and on budget. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your project, contact us today.

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