Third-Party Providers: Inspection Services

At any given time, there are hundreds of commercial construction projects going on in Miami-Dade. Per the city’s website, the building department conducts roughly 180,000 construction inspections per year and processes 27,000 construction permits annually. For developers antsy to keep their projects on schedule, waiting in a line like that can lead to some serious delays if you don’t have a plan for expediting it.

One way to sidestep the lengthy wait is to hire a third-party provider to assist with plan review and inspection services.

Why Hire a Third Party for Your Building Inspection

The City of Miami allows registered and approved private providers to conduct plan reviews and inspection services per Florida Statute 553.791. Third-party inspection service providers are able to inspect everything related to the building’s structure, mechanical, plumbing and engineering components. They can do all but fire, water, sewer and environment – this requires a DERM inspection (one that is conducted by the Department of Environmental Resources Management).

Although hiring a third party to inspect your buildout is an additional cost to the owner, it shaves off significant time to the project. And as you know, every day saved is more money you can be earning once the buildout is completed. As an additional cost-saving measure, the city applies a fee reduction of up to one-third for plan reviews and inspections conducted by third-party providers. For inspections only, the fees are reduced by up to one-half of one-third (or 16.67%).

To learn more about using a third-party provider to expedite the plan review and inspection processes, contact our team at Seacoast Construction. We partner with third-party providers regularly and know first-hand just how much time and money their services can save our clients. Give us a call today at 786-433-8740 to ask your questions.

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