Third-Party Providers: Plan Review Services

In any commercial construction project, it always feels like there’s a race against time. This makes sense. Every day your building is not operational is a day you’re not earning money. In fact, you’re spending money – likely a lot of money. You want to shave off time whenever and wherever possible.

We want to move through a buildout quickly and efficiently too while still guaranteeing a quality product and exceptional service along the way. Good planning helps us get to the finish line faster. So do a few strategic shortcuts. One of those shortcuts? Using a third-party provider to speed through the permitting process in Miami-Dade.

What to Know About Miami’s Private Provider Program

Florida Statute § 553.791 allows the use of private, third-party providers to conduct building code inspections and provide other permitting and inspection services so long as they are registered and approved by the City of Miami.

Third-party plan review services generally cost more money than working directly with the city, but the advantage is you can cut your permitting wait time almost in half. Moreover, the city applies a fee reduction of up to one-third for plan reviews and inspections conducted by third-party providers.

When working with a private provider that offers plan review services in South Florida, you submit your completed permit application directly to the third-party provider rather than to the city. They review it first, then take it to the city. The City of Miami has a few days to review the already-reviewed application before giving it the final yes or no. With a yes, you have a permit in hand and can continue with your project.

For most clients, using a third-party provider whenever possible is a serious time-saver and eliminates much of the frustration that comes with navigating the city’s permitting process.

Our team at Seacoast Construction is here to help speed things up. We partner with third-party providers regularly and have established relationships to streamline the process even further. To learn more about commercial construction in South Florida and ask your questions, please contact us to schedule a free consultation.



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