How to Shave 20% Off Your Construction Timeline

With commercial construction projects in Miami, it can sometimes feel like there are a lot of hurry-up-and-wait situations. You scramble to get your plans in order and then there is a hold-up with permitting. You work diligently on the construction site only to find delays with inspections, etc., etc. All these scenarios and more can be frustrating when time, money and your project’s success are on the line.

Yet the reality is these types of delays are so commonplace in South Florida that any experienced construction professional should be able to anticipate them. What’s more, they should offer alternatives to avoid them.

Tips to Save Time and Money on Your Miami-Dade Construction Project 

Time is money, so when you shrink your timeline, you should almost be able to hear the cha-ching in your balance sheet. Because we’ve completed hundreds of commercial construction projects throughout Fort Lauderdale, Miami and all along the coast, we can tell you there are effective ways to shave significant time off your project. Here are a few.

  • Use third-party providersThe City of Miami allows developers to use private providers to conduct building code inspections and provide other permitting and inspection services per Florida Statute 553.791. While this will cost more money, it will also save significant time on what can be at times a painfully frustrating process. What’s more, the city applies a fee reduction of up to one-third for plans review and inspections conducted by third-party providers.

  • Anticipate obstacles – One of the simplest ways to save time is to avoid mistakes. You do this by planning ahead and anticipating all possible scenarios. A constructability report is a key part of this planning as it helps identify any potential obstacles that could get in the way of constructing the project as designed.

  • Minimize change orders – Modifications to a project once work is underway can lead to major and expensive consequences. You and your general contractor should do everything you can to minimize the number of change orders in your commercial project. Here are some ways to do that.

All these efforts made during pre-construction come together to save you time and money on your construction project. They also ensure your project is successfully executed to your specifications. If you want to shave time off your project, come talk to us at Seacoast Construction. We’re a local firm that has extensive experience navigating the unique complexities of South Florida construction and are ready to help you with your project.


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