The Best Ways to Navigate South Florida Commercial Construction Complexities

The commercial construction scene in South Florida is ripe with opportunities for investors pursuing projects of any kind and in any location. From West Palm Beach, south to Broward County, and into Miami-Dade, there are ample opportunity for projects in multi-unit housing, commercial, and large-scale residential projects, among others.


Regardless of the project type and location, however, building in South Florida offers unique construction complexities, many of which fall into the categories of weather and permitting.


Weather precautions

While this is the Sunshine State, living along the Gulf Stream also means going up against building during hurricane season. Precautionary measures need to be taken during construction in order to ensure adequate safety standards are also met once the project is complete.


During construction, there are certain precautionary measures that need to take place in order to prepare the job site for storms. There are also structural materials and building permits required to ensure safety once the building is complete. Depending on your wind zone, your building needs to be able to withstand up to 185 mph wind speeds.


Permitting challenges

Permits in South Florida vary depending on the type of project as well as where the project will be built. Building a health facility? Make sure you are fully up to speed on AHCA compliance measures (or enlist an experienced contracting team who is). To make things trickier, there are 34 different cities in Miami-Dade County, 30 in Broward, and 38 in Palm Beach County. With each of the 92 municipalities having its own set of commissioners, building codes, and approval processes, you can run into headaches if your general contractor isn’t local and familiar with the various permitting systems.


Weather and permitting delays have the potential to do a number on your project’s timeline, but not with us. Our 20 years of South Florida experience paired with diligent work on the pre-construction details ensure that all permits and weather considerations are taken into account at the project’s outset. If you’re looking to complete your project on time and on budget, give us a call at 786-433-8740 to schedule a consultation.

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