5 Ways to Prepare a Construction Site for Hurricane Season: Is Your Job Site Ready for the Storms?

Construction sites are one of the most dangerous places to work on a normal day, so imagine how the risks increase during a hurricane. At Seacoast Construction, a South Florida based firm with decades of experience building strong structures that can withstand any storm, we know how to prepare a site, protect it during peril, and continue safety measures through the equally hazardous recovery stage.

We work fast, focusing on safety and limiting building down-time as much as possible. The longer your building is under construction, the longer you’re not in business.

Here are five ways we minimize damage and delays during South Florida’s hurricane season:

  1. We plan long before hurricane season begins. We’ve written an extensive preparation plan for all our current projects in process in hurricane-prone areas, with detailed instructions and tasks for each member of our team to be responsible for before the storms hit.
  2. We work closely with other local building officials to ensure joint preparation plans for project sites pose no threat to neighboring properties or residents. Seacoast Construction is a local firm, and we go to great length to protect our community.
  3. We secure the job site, from tying down any construction equipment susceptible to heavy winds to removing equipment like cranes from the site altogether. We focus on materials, trash, tools, hazardous materials, dumpsters, and portable bathrooms, as well as job site signage and in-process utility systems, and turn off the power before we leave.
  4. We plan for water removal. Getting rid of excess water is important for a few reasons: it makes for easier clean-up, and it also protects adjacent properties from softening the ground supporting those structures. We work together with those around us to ensure we all empty water through the storm system or using a tanker to haul it away.
  5. We assess the damage. The danger doesn’t disappear with the storms, so we pay strict attention to compromised structures, hazardous spills and debris, and any destruction that interferes with the restart of the build.

If you’re building in South Florida, you need a local construction firm who knows its way around a hurricane. Hire Seacoast Construction if you want a reliable, experienced firm known for unparalleled communication and seamless builds. We’re different from the rest, and our clients appreciate it.

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