Building in South Florida? 4 Things to Know Before You Build

At Seacoast Construction, we think of ourselves as more than builders; we’re our clients’ trusted local partner who’ve earned our stripes in South Florida builds. We offer unique, specific insights into the pros and cons of every project, and understand the political and economic landscape. We’re the difference between a project completed as promised on a well-kept timeline, and one that remains in limbo for years.

We know where you should be building, and why.

Here are a few other issues to consider if you’re searching for the ideal South Florida property:

  1. Do your research. It’s not enough to simply make a plan and hope it goes well on a South Florida site. Our team starts with risk assessment, followed by extensive site evaluations to ensure you’re using the right materials based on our experience with city commissioners. We find specific permitting details that have proven to be problems in the past, and remedy them before they affect your build.
  2. Build a local team. While it’s not necessary for all involved in the project are in the area, the more local knowledge you can assemble on your side, the better. Our clients know they can rely on our network of professionals we’ve worked with for years, giving them peace of mind that their project will proceed smoothly.
  3. Permitting in South Florida can be complicated, but not for us. We work so hard on the pre-construction details that we’re fully prepared for the permit run. Here’s where it gets tricky in South Florida: There are 34 different cities in Miami Dade County, 30 in Broward, and 38 in Palm Beach County. Each of the 92 municipalities has its own set of commissioners, building codes, and approval processes. If your construction firm isn’t local and familiar with all municipalities’ permitting systems, expect months of hold-ups in your permitting process.
  4. Understand your project. You fully understand why you want to build in South Florida, but we understand your project from the city’s point of view and how it will integrate into the community. This is yet another stage where it pays to have a local team with a solid knowledge of construction history. We know how the last similar project progressed and where it was stalled, so let our experience guide you on a simpler, delay-free path.

Seacoast Construction clients benefit from our decades of regional experience and professional connections. Give us a try. We’re the difference between a project completed as promised on a well-kept timeline, and one that remains in limbo for years.

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