Safety First: How to Keep Your Construction Site Free and Clear of Accidents

If you’ve ever undertaken any kind of home improvement project, you know how easy it can be for the hammer to slip… or worse. Scale this up for big commercial construction projects, and you can see why maintaining safety at the construction site has to be a priority for everyone involved.


While accidents will happen even when you’re being most careful, there are a few for reminders that everyone from the project investors to the construction crew the will benefit from hearing again.


  • Just say no to shortcuts– Sure, it might be faster to forego clearing the debris before climbing on the ladder or to skip a routine maintenance check if you’re running behind schedule, but taking shortcuts of any kind is the easiest way to put the team’s safety at risk. Pay attention to the small details and stay on track with routine site maintenance inspections to mitigate safety threats.


  • Keep your equipment in check– Things like being sure to use the right ladder for the job and assessing the structural integrity of your scaffolding are important functional elements to completing your work. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), recommends professional inspecting of scaffolding after set up and at regularly intervals throughout the project. In South Florida, this is even more important with our severe weather patterns, and it has to be a priority at all times of the year. See our post on how to prepare a construction site for hurricane season to see why we take this so seriously.


  • Safety gear is a must– Hardhats and reflective vests should always be worn by workers and site visitors. Moreover, other protective gear, like safety glasses, ear plugs, work boots, respirators, and heavy-duty gloves, should always be used to help prevent the preventable.


  • Communicate, communicate, communicate– Everyone on the construction site needs to be informed at all times about what work is being completed and when so they can be even more attentive to specific risks and dangers associated with certain work.


  • Hire for safety– The team you hire is responsible for more than just constructing a beautiful building. Be sure you take the time to talk with them about how they put safety first in their projects.

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