Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Owner’s Rep

An owner’s representative will be working on your behalf and serving as your eyes and ears on the project. You want to be fully confident in their ability to represent you before you give the go-ahead and entrust them to the job. A qualified owner’s rep will play a critical role in seeing your project through to successful completion. This is not a job for just anyone.

As you interview owner’s reps in Miami, here are some questions to ask.

What are your areas of expertise?

There’s a difference between general construction knowledge and specific area expertise. You want an owner’s rep who has experience managing projects comparable to yours and has extensive experience with the construction process, administrative aspects, value engineering and an understanding of  current construction and labor market costs.

What services are included with owner’s representation?

In addition to hiring them for their expertise, another reason to hire an owner’s rep is to free up your own time and resources. Being a project owner can be a full-time job and you likely have many other day-to-day responsibilities you also have to manage. An owner’s rep steps in to fill this gap, though their services will vary. Be sure to understand exactly what services will be included in your contract, including things like the number of site visits, how documentation and change orders will be managed, who will be responsible for what, and so on.

What is their business philosophy and how will they communicate with you?

Turning your project over the hands of an owner’s rep can feel a little like sending your child off to school. You’re entrusting someone else to do the job well and keep you informed along the way. You don’t want weeks to go by without hearing a word about your child’s (or your project’s) progress. Ask the owner’s rep how they engage with other project stakeholders as well as the frequency in which they communicate with you. Having an understanding of their general philosophy when it comes to construction and business relationships can be very telling of the kind of experience you’re likely to have partnering with them.

To learn more about owner’s representation in Miami, be sure to check out several of our blog posts on the topic and contact us anytime to ask your questions. At Seacoast Construction, we believe communication starts with listening. We’re here to listen to you when you’re ready.

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