The Steps of Pre-Construction

During a construction project, there are steps within steps within steps that need to be completed. Each phase is vital to your project’s timely completion, but arguably the most important step to ensuring on-time and on-budget success is pre-construction.

Here’s what happens during the all-important pre-construction process.

  • You define your project’s scope – This puts everyone on the same page about the type of project being built, its size and structure, any limitations to the build, and the overall objectives that will ultimately deem the project a success.

  • You solidify the project’s budget – Your general contractor or construction manager will identify estimated costs for labor, materials and other factors that contribute to the cost of construction. This is also when you will explore potential material alternatives and other ways to keep the project in line with your budget if costs are exceeding your expectations. At the end of pre-construction, you should have a very good idea of how much the project will cost and what design and materials will be used during construction.

  • You finalize as many design details as you can – It’s very important to engage both an architect and GC early in your project planning. Sometimes an amazing design is simply not buildable as designed. That’s where a construction expert can step in and offer input before expensive change orders are needed down the road. Early collaboration on design can save a lot of heartache and frustration during construction.


  • You assemble the construction team – This is when you identify which project manager will lead the charge, which subcontractors you will need to join the project and what other crew members will need to be assembled in order to execute the project.

  • You develop the construction timeline and schedule – Pre-construction is also when you begin plugging in your construction schedule to ensure permits and inspections are slotted as needed and your various subcontractors are available to complete their work during specified time periods.

Pre-construction sets your project on a path to success. While it takes upfront time and resources, it makes the rest of the build so much easier. At Seacoast Construction, we create detailed programs during pre-construction that take your project to the point where it is ready to be picked up and built. Contact us today to ask your questions or schedule a consultation.

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